SUNHEAT CZ500 Ultrasonic Dry Misting Fan with Bluetooth Technology, 510500000 (White)




The CoolZone CZ500 Ultrasonic Dry Misting Fan by SUNHEAT is designed to keep you cool and comfortable during the hot season with many beneficial features. Dry environments can lead to dehydration and accelerated aging. The misting function uses ultrasonic high frequency oscillation principles to atomize the water into 1-5 micron ultra-fine particles. The water is then diffused into the air leaving you cool and hydrated, but not feeling wet. For an even cooler breeze, simply freeze the included polar packs and add one to the water tank.

Sterilize your air by using the anion function, which utilizes a pulse and a high oscillation circuit to produce corona and oxygen molecules. If using indoors, electronic thermal sensors detect the temperature and display it for easier use. When outdoors, use the mosquito repellent function to keep disease carrying pests away. Connect your device to the fan via USB port or Bluetooth Technology to enjoy music from the built-in speakers. Wheels on the unit make it simple to transport between rooms or move from outside to inside throughout the year. A remote control is included for convenience and easy use.

Product Features: 

18″ Fan Blade – Produces a gentle, effective breeze with excellent coverage

Multiple Speeds – Choose between three different fan speeds

Oscillation and Tilting – Capable of oscillation or tilt fanning to further increase coverage and effeciveness

Bluetooth Speakers – Listen to your favorite music while cooling down through clear, non-distorted speakers that connect to bluetooth devices with ease

Remote Conrolled – fan is operated wirelessly via the included remote

Product Specifications:

Blade Size – 18″

Connection Type – Bluetooth, USB

Power Supply – Standard 120v Plug

Dimensions – 18″ x 14.75″ x 51.50″

Weight – 21.1 lbs

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