Friedrich 32000 BTU Floating Air Pro Quad-Zone Mini Split AC + Indoor 9000 BTU AC



Floating Air® Pro was designed with the HVAC technician in mind. Friedrich’s Pro multi-zone extends the versatility of the single zone line to condition up to 4 independent zones. Compatible with individually controlled indoor options, NOW including built-in Wi-Fi with voice-control capability. Mix and match up to 5 indoor units to 1 outdoor unit (sold separately). The options are endless!

Product Highlights:

Inverter Technology allows each system to adjust capacity and cooling output to provide the perfect amount of cooling needed

DiamonBlue Advanced Corrosion Protection – Protects the outdoor coil against deterioration

Ultra quiet operation

Product Features:

Precision Inverter® Technology

Floating Air® Pro units are equipped with a variable speed compressor. This technology not only increases the unit’s energy efficiency but also minimizes noise disruptions with ultra quiet operation.

Designed for Easier Service and Maintenance

Friedrich Fast Pro® was designed with the HVAC technician in mind. In a few easy steps that can be performed in minutes, the entire blower wheel assembly can be removed for easier, faster cleaning and service. Also, contractors will have easy access to the terminal blocks. Fast Pro will save hours on the jobsite.

Operates in Extreme Conditions

In cooling mode, Friedrich’s Fast Pro® technology can operate at low ambient temperatures as low as 5°F. Operation in heating mode will continue at low ambient temperatures as low as -4°F.

Product Specifications:

Unit Type – Outdoor

Energy Star Certified – Y

Cooling BTU – 32000

Cooling Area (Sq. Ft.) – up to 2000

SEER – 21.0

EER – 12.5

Heating BTU – 36000

HSPF – 11

COP @47 degrees – 3.37

Voltage – 230

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