Cuisinart Electric Knife with Cutting Board & Carving Fork – Factory Refurbished



CEK-41 AC Electric Knife with Bamboo Cutting Board

The knife set includes a carving/serving fork and a bamboo cutting board. The power handle, blade and fork ? t into their own tray when not in use, and the cutting board slips underneath to store. Convenient, start to ? nish! The ultra-sharp blade on the Cuisinart Electric Knife carves meats and poultry as quickly and smoothly as it slices bread. The ergonomic handle is comfortable, even with extended use, letting users cut uniformly consistent slices, one after another. A simple trigger on/off switch turns the knife off the instant the trigger is released.

Product Highlights:

Stainless Steel microserrated blade

Ergonomic Handle

Compact Bamboo cutting board

Safety lock button instantly locks knife when trigger is released

Product Features:

Universal stainless steel micro-serrated blade cuts bread and meat

Slice through bread and meat with ease using the Cuisinart AC Electric Knife, featuring a universal stainless steel micro-serrated blade for precise, effortless cutting. This set includes a bamboo cutting board for added functionality and style in your kitchen.

Comfortable ergonomic handle

Comfortable ergonomic handle that accommodates both right- and left-handed users, ensuring a secure grip and effortless slicing experience.

Carving/serving fork with stainless steel tines

Stainless steel carving/serving fork, providing stability and precision during the carving and serving process.

Compact bamboo cutting board

Included cutting board that offers a convenient and space-saving solution, providing a durable and knife-friendly surface for slicing, dicing, and serving.

Blade release button

Equipped with a blade release button for effortless and quick cleanup, allowing for easy removal and separate cleaning of the stainless steel micro-serrated blade.

Safety lock button

Safety lock button instantly secures the knife when the trigger is released, providing an added layer of safety during use. Enjoy a worry-free cutting experience with this reliable safety feature.

Product Specifications:

Dimensions (LxWxH): 4.0″(L) x 5.0″(W) x 12.0″(H)

Weight: 3.900

Electric Knife Color: Black

Cutting Board Material: Bamboo

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